Inspired by @KristyTolley
  1. Family time at the beach
    Southern Hemisphere Christmases are everything.
  2. Bubbly on the beach at sunset.
    Non-alcoholic because alcohol is not allowed on beaches.
  3. My little sister graduated in the beautiful city of oaks (Stellenbosch)
  4. I am at my most affectionate this time of the year.
  5. My boyfriend during a long road trip.
  6. Dad and I gave our golden oldie a bath.
  7. Long walks by the lagoon
  8. Sun protection is key.
  9. The best relaxation is reading in a chilled room with my gran.
  10. Cuddles with my tripawed yorkie.
    She doesn't know that I'm giving her a steroid injection tonight to help with her summer eczema 😕
  11. Not pictured: working full days while everyone else enjoys a long summer vacation.
    It's the job I chose.
  12. Here you go. Me, and my reindeer earrings, working on Christmas Eve.