Inspired by @alys
  1. Grade R (our version of kindergarten): climbing a tree and then pretending to be stuck in it.
    I had a bit of an infatuation with the teacher's daughter who was in "big school" and I wanted her to come rescue me 😂
  2. Grade 2: reading in class.
    I was reading The Little Prince on the day in question.
  3. Grade 3: kissing a boy on the playground after school.
  4. Grade 4: making (and using) a pea-shooter.
  5. Grade 5: reading in class.
  6. Grade 6: kissing some more.
  7. Grade 8: being late to school. A lot.
  8. Grade 9: arguing with my Math teacher when her solution and methods didn't make sense to me.
  9. Grade 10: not doing my music theory homework.
  10. Grade 11: wearing the incorrect colour hair-tie.
  11. Grade 12: falling asleep during science classes.