For the record, I'm a doctor now.
  1. Butterfly
    My visually impaired dad made up a story for me about a butterfly that paints flowers. So, she was basically my first role model.
  2. Social Worker
    Mom's a social worker. It seemed to make sense.
  3. Chartered Accountant
    I liked maths. It seemed like a good fit.
  4. Actuarial Scientist
    MOM: "AccSci makes more money and there are fewer of them. Be that." ME: yes Mom.
  5. Lawyer
    I liked debating and my parents suggested that since I liked arguing so much, I might suggest taking it up as a career.
  6. Doctor
    "I want to help people" I said. Well, I know now that doctoring is about soooo much more.
  7. English Teacher
    English teachers were some of the most influential people in my life. So one day when I grow up, I'll be an English teacher.