Inspired by... I don't remember 🙈 this has been lying in my drafts since about January.
  1. iPad Air 2
    I carry this with me EVERYWHERE. My audiobooks and ebooks are all on here. Also all the clinical guidelines and pharmacopoeia I might need. And also enough time-wasting apps should I need them.
  2. Sanitary products
    The round tin is for tampons, the square for pantyliners. I once went through a metal detector and the security officer asked what was in there. I said "tampons" but either the language barrier was too big or I was mumbling, because she kept looking at me like I was speaking Greek. I got tired of repeating TAMPONS while my two best friends (males) were giggling like teenagers, so I opened the tin so she could see. You guys, her FACE!
  3. Tourniquet
    I'm a doc... And I'm too lazy to pack and unpack every day, so my work bag is also my everyday bag. Not military grade like @aminam because I'm not that hardcore 😝
  4. Lippy stuff and eye drops
    I'm on isoretinoin so everything is dry.
  5. Flash drive
    For weird and wonderful scans I want to save for my personal collection.
  6. A collection of pens
    Some free and some wonderful. I like having options.
  7. Bullet journal
    I got this notebook from the medical app Figure 1 and I use it as my bullet journal.
  8. Gum
    I hate bad breath and bad tastes. And I don't want patients to go home and tell their family that their doctor's breath was bad!
  9. Powerbank
    Now that I have a new phone I hopefully won't need this too much.
  10. Glasses case
    Because I wear glasses?
  11. Wallet
  12. Hand lotion, tissues, and wipes
    Hospitals are gross, people need tissues, and washing your hands all the time causes them to dry out.