Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. East London, South Africa
    Nowhere near London. But a very English city nonetheless. South Africa was a British colony after all. We have a suburb called Cambridge and in the city centre there is an Oxford Street.
  2. We take credit for greats like Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko and Thabo Mbeki.
    The truth is that they grew up in small villages beyond East London, but EL was the closest city. And also the city with the University of Fort Hare, where Steve Biko studied while tertiary education really was restricted from black persons.
  3. This is the Biko Monument at our City Hall.
    Note the Victorian Architecture.
  4. Long ago, our museum curator brought the city fame by discovering that the coelacanth was not, after all, extinct.
    In grade 4 I did a school project - complete with a clay model - of this fish. Yes really.
  5. In my suburb, we have this boardwalk at the beach. It's an attraction but I'm not sure why.
    Okay but it is kinda pretty.
  6. Nowadays it's one of the neglected cities by the government.
    Poverty and violence are rife. Schools perform poorly in national exams, although some of the country's brightest kids also coke from here. It's one of the ruling party's strongholds, but the government doesn't do much to deserve that. Party loyalty is just very strong here.
  7. The tourism bureau doesn't even make postcards of the city any more because it runs at a loss.
  8. Not much to do here besides physical activity.
    So the running and cycling communities are huge.
  9. It's importance really in that it's the doorway to the beautiful villages in the province that don't have malls and airports; and also to Bhisho, where the provincial legislature is situated.
  10. My family roots are here though.
    Centuries ago, after our ancestors finished working back their shipping fare in Cape Town, this was where they settled. So my roots are sort of here. My "shades". (If you can, read Shades by Marguerite Poland.)
  11. So I guess I'll always see this city through rose-tinted glasses.