1. It's a rainy Saturday morning and I am on call.
    We are inundated with traumas and other surgical problems.
  2. Ours is a public hospital
    It's available to all South Africans, but wealthy people who have medical aid avoid it. Because it's overpopulated and understaffed and not as nice as a cozy private hospital.
  3. Our CEO is a supermom.
    We've known her as a family friend since I was younger (and when she was a clinical doctor and not yet CEO).
  4. Today, one of her children became ill.
    She has a surgical abdomen.
  5. Instead of taking her daughter to the lush private hospital where she could no doubt have a private room and much pampering, she brought her to us.
  6. She saw we were busy, so she helped out.
    She is a medical doctor, after all.
  7. She greeted us all, enquired as to OUR health, and just cheered the ER's atmosphere up a whole lot.
  8. This while she is obviously also worried about her own daughter.
  9. I just love that she has so much trust in her hospital that she brings her child here.
  10. I mean, I'm not always sure that I would want to be treated here.
  11. But she is leading by example: if this hospital is good enough for the public, it is good enough for us.
  12. I have twenty hours left on call - at least!!
  13. And I know I'll get tired.
  14. But our CEO knows where we are. She supports us. She appreciates our work.
  15. I just feel so inspired right now.