South Africa = Southern Hemisphere = Summer-time Christmas. I've never had a white Christmas, but I hope to experience it at least once.
  1. Longer days to revel in the Christmas spirit
    The sun wakes us early and we go to bed late and I just think we get a triple dose of Christmas cheer that way 😉
  2. Beach weather
    There is something wonderful about Christmas with sand between your toes and the sun on your skin. And the smell of sunscreen, of course. 🌞🐠🌻🌴
  3. Not spending your Christmas money on getting warm clothes
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    Seriously though, winter coats are expensive! Our summer temperatures are HIGH, but even our winters are mild. Pictured: my brother and cousin in 2001 on their farm in the Eastern Cape.
  4. Ice cream
    Erm... 'Nuff said?
  5. Nobody wants big cooked food in the middle of summer
    So salad-based meals are perfectly acceptable, leaving more time to enjoy Christmas rather than spending it in the humid kitchen.
  6. Location-specific celebration
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    We have some lovely carols and hymns in South Africa that recognise where we are, such as one specifically referring to theSouthern Cross (aka crux, Southern Hemisphere constellation). Pictured: my brother and sister at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town, where we spent Christmas day 2013.
  7. Sand is better than snow
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    Sand doesn't give you frostbite for starters, and you can enjoy it comfortably in various degrees of nakedness. Also, you can build a sandman. (Not my image)
  8. Opening gifts outside
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    My family follows the old German tradition of opening gifts on Christmas Eve. We sit outside in the Summer air, my brother plays some guitar, and we enjoy the lights and smells and togetherness.