(Not including games)
  1. Afterlight
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    I've tried dozens of photo the photo editing apps available on iOS, and Afterlight is my favorite by far. The two most important things about this app are how easy it is to use, and it's 99¢ price tag. If you want a way to make your pictures look better without throwing the same overused filters on them every time, this app is for you. (Type Afterlight tutorial into YouTube and you will find several short videos showing the basic features and how to use them.)
  2. Chrome
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    Plain and simple, Safari doesn't do it for me. Admittedly that may be my fault. I may not know how to use it to its full potential. Either way, my day to day web browser is Chrome. One of my favorite features of Chrome is how well it syncs across my computer, phone, and iPad. Being able to bookmark a page on my phone and pick it up later on my laptop is incredibly convenient. It hardly ever crashes, is fast, and free.
  3. Dropbox
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    Dropbox has been my go to cloud storage for years. You can use it to store almost any type of file, and then access it from any device on which you can install the app or desktop program. Dropbox by itself is great, but when you it with some of the apps we will see later in this list, it is an absolute must have.
  4. If by IFTTT
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    IF is the type of app that once you setup, you will hardly ever open. That's ok though, because it will work its magic in the background without you having to do anything. What kind of magic? Here are some examples: •Automatically sync any pictures you take with your phone to Dropbox (IF is one of those apps I was talking about before) •Sync new contacts from your phone book to a google spreadsheet •Save a copy of pictures you like on Instagram to your camera roll •The list goes on and on and on
  5. Instagram
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    Instagram is my favorite social media app for two reasons. First, I enjoy taking pictures, and it is a great way to share the ones that I like. Second (and probably more important), it doesn't have anywhere near the amount of arguing about politics, religion, or any other topic that you will find on Facebook or Twitter. It's hard to get mad at a picture of the sandwich that someone ate for lunch.
  6. Momento
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    Momento is a useful app because it links to several of the popular social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and puts all of your posts into a journal which can then be downloaded to your computer. It's a really nice way to have a log of everything you do without putting in any extra time or effort.
  7. Overcast
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    Overcast used to have a $4.99 price tag attached to it, but that recently went away with the release of version 2.0 (bad news for me because I had already paid for it, but good news for you. Yay!) overcast makes it very simple to find new podcasts, and keep the podcasts in your library organized. Another recent addition is the ability to stream podcasts. This is huge for people using low storage phones, or anyone running low on hard drive space.
  8. Pocket
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    Have you ever started to read an article on your phone and have to stop, only to not be able to find it later? Or maybe you see something online that you want to read, but don't have the time right away. This is where pocket comes in. You can send almost any article or webpage to pocket for later reading. The best part is that it will even work when offline. So if you ever get stuck in an elevator with no cell reception you can still have something to keep you busy!
  9. Tweetbot
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    I rarely tweet, but I love Twitter because it lets me get information from so many sources quickly and in one location. I can see news headlines, sports scores, weather, all kinds of stuff without switching apps once. I use tweetbot because I prefer the interface to the native Twitter app. At $4.99 it won't be for everyone, but if you spend a lot of time on Twitter you should at least look into it.
  10. Zite
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    Zite is what Apple News would be, if Apple News was good. Pick topics you are interested in and Zite pulls articles relating to those topics from all over the web, and then puts it together for you in a magazine format.