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Leahy- Irish, means hero (that's exciting)
  1. So my mum's family is super Irish, like off the boat immigrants of northern Boston area, so their last name was Leahy and then it became my middle name! Goes perfectly with the very Irish "Bridget", it was almost "Brigid"
  2. When I was little everyone had "Elizabeth" and "Marie" NO ONE had heard of this weird "Leahy" name
  3. I hated my middle name for years UNTIL
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I overuse emojis just like I overuse lol
  1. 😂 my mum thought I was crying at all her over texts for a few weeks....Also I think 90% of things are funny
  2. 😊 the epitome of my feelings and facial expression on all things happy/normal
  3. 🙈 for everything not happy/normal/or used with amusing things
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Definitely have watched these wayyy too many times
  1. Pride and Prejudice
  2. The Wedding Date
  3. The Holiday
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