I overuse emojis just like I overuse lol
  1. 😂 my mum thought I was crying at all her over texts for a few weeks....Also I think 90% of things are funny
  2. 😊 the epitome of my feelings and facial expression on all things happy/normal
  3. 🙈 for everything not happy/normal/or used with amusing things
  4. 🎉 when I'm excited
  5. ❤ & 😍️ I love a lot of things
  6. 😘 I send this to EVERYBODY, to me it's the friendly hello/thank you hug of emojis, not some flirty thing
  7. 🙌🏾 always for good things
  8. 😔 when sad/disappointed
  9. 🙄 new, totally going to be a favorite
  10. Many of these are used in combos and multiples LOL
  11. 😳 THE BEST ONE forgot until I posted, when I want to show my uncomfortableness without being dramatic or rude, also used in sympathy over dumb Bf of friends