Not every concert I've attended, just the memorable ones
  1. Explosions in the Sky
    Saw them without my wife on our second wedding anniversary. My wife didn't mind at all, because my gift to her would come in the form of a vacation to Japan two weeks later, where we caught...
  2. Paul McCartney
    live! Aka the best moment I've had in my life (except my wedding day and the birth of my son). I've recounted the whole thing here:
  3. Death Cab for Cutie
    Saw DCFC in a really packed venue, probably the most people I've seen in an indoor venue. That concert was fire!
  4. Broken Social Scene
    My first experience of traveling abroad to catch a band. The girls weren't there (Amy Millan, Emily Haines, Feist), but Aia de Leon stepped up and did two songs at the start of the show.
  5. Club 8
    This was a very chill show.
  6. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
    I brought their CDs to the show at a Hard Rock Cafe, but while there I was too chicken to go up to the band. Eventually, I went along with someone who had guts to ask for autographs and had my CDs signed by 3 of 4 members.
  7. Phoenix
    Another super sold out show. I'm pretty sure they could have fit more twice more people at the venue, but at the risk of compromising building and fire safety codes. The show was super awesome, I nearly got to touch Thomas Mars' butt.
  8. Bloc Party
    I'm glad I got to see the band when I did. Matt Tong left the band shortly after this, and Bloc Party were no longer the same.
  9. Stars
    As good as their studio albums are, the live experience was way way better.
  10. The National
    I flew to Singapore to catch them, but the show was cancelled when I got there. The second time I tried to catch them, I almost got thrown out for trying to sneak into the VIP section. Thankfully, they let me back in the cheap seats section in time for me to catch the band do a teriffic show.
  11. Smashing Pumpkins
    This show was met by the worst rain I had seen in my life. The band postponed the show to the next day but the rains were still there. They still played that night to probably a 10% filled capacity, but still managed to bring the house down.
  12. Eraserheads
    100,000 people watching the greatest band in the history of the Philippines reunite can't be wrong.
  13. Vanilla Ice
    First concert ever!