1. Foxygen's Hang
    A grand and theatrical album that proves to be an enjoyable listen
  2. TWSBI Eco fountain pen
    Giving this more time than my Lamy Safari the past few days
  3. Say Yes: An Elliott Smith podcast
    To commemorate Elliott Smith's opus Either/Or which was released 20 years ago, this podcast revsiits key moments and interviews with personalities on what Elliott Smith means to them. All eps (2 of them so far) have proven to be very insightful.
  4. Riverdale
    Most of the time, I question myself as to why I am watching this fluff, but end up eagerly anticipating the next ep anyway.
  5. Rambla
    Rambla's been open for a quite a while but it's only lately that the wife and I got to visit. Everything we ordered was ace. The paella with conchinillo was extra superb.