I recently went on a trip to Disneyland with my wife and 1-1/2 year old son. Here are some tips if you are with a young tot.
  1. Go in the middle of the week
    Weekends are no good. That includes Monday and Friday too. The best days to go are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  2. Locate the Baby Center early and use it as often as possible
    Warm water, formula, breast feeding area, diaper changing area. Yup, they're all here.
  3. Do your shopping for souvenirs early
    And not 20 minutes before the night parade where it'll be a madhouse
  4. Babies are afraid of fireworks
    This is pretty self-explanatory
  5. Go on the It's a Small World ride over and over
    It's probably the only ride that he will be in awe of. And perhaps the carousel.
  6. Bring a baby carrier and a stroller
    Lord knows what baby's mood will be for that day, so it's best to have all options open.
  7. Have a super partner
    My wife went on super mom mode those two days, and tiring as it may, it made the Disney experience a lot of fun for this dad.