1. Pilot
    One of my earliest memories as a child is that I remember being fascinated with a children's pop up book that had all sorts of occupations grown ups have. On page 1 was a plane cockpit and described what pilots do. And I was like, 'Man! that's what I want to be.'
  2. Mathematician
    All throughout my childhood, I've been pretty good with math, getting A's and even winning school contests. True story, I actually did long division for fun. Anyway, it was probably around 3rd grade when I wanted to be a mathematician even though I had no idea what they did.
  3. Yoyo repairman
    One time, my yoyo string got all bunched up and I had to untangle it with a needle. Super enjoyed that afternoon and I imagined that I'd make a living out of repairing the neighborhood kids yoyos when I was a bit older.
  4. Smart watch maker
    Back in the late 80s or early 90s, my friend Bryan and I drew on paper a prototype for a funky watch. It had a camera, calculator, a Swiss Army knife. It even had a slot for inserting Game Boy cartridges. I think it still beats the shit out of what we have today.
  5. Maze designer
    I used to buy a lot of graphing paper just so that I can draw and design these intricate labyrinths which I'd then give away to friends. If I was that kid today, I'd probably just download an app to auto design a maze for me then Whatsapp it to said friend.
  6. Detective
    Encyclopedia Brown's fault.