I manage a manufacturing facility with a bit of sales responsibility on the side.
  1. Shoot! I thought I sent the email last week. Apparently, it was saved in my drafts folder all this time.
    Nope. I started composing the email five minutes before I actually sent it.
  2. I didn't receive your fax.
    Yup, I did. I'm sorry but it got buried under this pile of documents.
  3. Text me. I'm a busy man and I love to be reminded of things I need to get done by the people that need it done.
    Please don't call or text me ever again.
  4. The price is as low as it can go.
    The price I gave you is outrageously high, and I just don't want to sell you more stuff by virtue of your three checks that bounced in the past.
  5. I'll have my boss look at it.
    Your argument makes no sense, and there's no way I'll bring it to the higher ups. Which leads to...
  6. The boss didn't approve.
    But really, I didn't approve.