1. Pay for all of my friends college tuitions
  2. Buy myself a nice ass house with a nice ass car on a nice ass beach with a nice ass pool and a nice ass boat. obviously.
  3. Build apartment complexes in areas with large amounts of homeless people that the homeless could stay in + also help found a system that gets homeless people back on their feet.
  4. Give money to animal shelters that can't afford to feed/take care of/hold all of the animals brought to them.
  5. Go to locally owned restaurants, stores, etc around my city and leave $1000 tips.
  6. Give cell phones and laptops to teenagers whose parents can't afford to give them those luxuries
  7. Go on websites like GoFundMe and Kickstarter and give the causes I support the money they need
  8. If I won a billion fucking dollars I'd give a million to everyone I cared about.
  9. Walk down streets that typically home lower or middle class people and just knock on doors and ask what they can't financially afford that they need the most, and then provide it to them
  10. Carry a ton of hundreds at all times and when I see acts of kindness occur in public I'd pay the good-doers
  11. Plant trees everywhere