I watch Cars. A lot. I have a two year old.
  1. What exactly is the money system in this world? We know money is there, but you never see it exchanged. Is it cash or solely credit? Where do they keep it on their person?
  2. How is everyone in Radiator Springs surviving if this world does require money and they never have customers? Have they reverted to the barter system of yore?
  3. How does everyone have money to be drinking at Flo's all the time? Does she have a neverending emergency reserve that everyone can rack up tabs on since no one has previously said money.
  4. What are they "drinking"? Oil? Fluids? But not gas? Why would gas not be food like oil? And what's the deal with Fillmore's "organic" fuel? They are living machines, isn't every thing organic to them?
  5. Why are tractors not as mentally developed as all the other machines?
  6. Why do they never open their doors. What's inside there? Can they even open?
  7. Every single machine in this world can function on its own. Why can't Bessie?
    My dad and sister answered this one for me. Apparently you have to have an engine to be "alive." But if the engine is the life force, where is it in the cars? It seems the hood is covering a giant mouth with teeth and tongue. Is the engine behind those mysterious doors that never open. If there's a mouth and eyes, is there a brain in there? Is the engine the brain? Or is it like the weird human/car combo of oil for food but gas for car - so brain for living creature but car parts for machine?
  8. How are baby cars made? There's love, there's marriage (Flo and Ramone), but do you just order parts at a factory? Do you come into existence fully developed or do you grow intellectually, like a baby to an adult? Or if the factory just pops them out, are there no other family relationships besides husband and wife?
    And if the factory is making them, are they also making all the "animals" in this world? How do they decide how much to produce?
  9. How long does the average car live? Are they buried when they die?
  10. What is Chick's deal? He comes in second all the time, I get it, I do too, but I'm not such a grump about it. Why is he not in jail for assaulting the King? Or at the very least, therapy?
  11. How does Bessie not cover the whole road but the entire width is magically paved?
  12. What is Frank? Smarter than a tractor but not as developed as the other machines? Or just a really really angry protector of tractors?
  13. How does Lightning drive backwards in the final race when he still doesn't have side mirrors?
  14. Why is Ramone so attractive to me?
  15. I've seen this movie over 100 times. Why do I still choke up when Lightning pushes the King across the finish line? Every. Time.?
  16. Bonnie Hunt and Owen Wilson as voice lovers? I find them both delightful separately, but have you ever been able to get past the weird image of them together?
  17. And lastly, how has this world even been able to advance as far as it has without opposable thumbs?!?! I think the tires have some weird spidey sense stickiness to them, but that doesn't make up for thumbs!