Add your BEST front-row, barrier stories!
  1. Banks
    She held our hands from the stage, we fed her energy and she made us faint.
  2. London Grammar with Until The Ribbon Breaks
    We were no-chill dancing the entire opening act, Melani had broke both her legs and was stuck in the back in a wheelchair and could tell where we were because we were the only ones dancing. We sang along so enthusiastically that Dot Major of LG thought we'd leave before they went on... Like literally they told us that after the show.
  3. HAIM
    The highest form of betrayal and the luckiest chance to be 6 feet from EFH ever. @lesleyann was in Disney World and @michael_circa91 was living another dream.
  4. Jake Bugg with Albert Hammond Jr.
    @lesleyann was already sick, and we braved waiting in line hours early in Minnesota's January winter to be there, right at barrier, graced by his beautiful, beautiful voice!
  5. Kimbra
    Her dress literally poked us. @michael_circa91 literally almost lost an eye.
  6. Son Lux
    One of the best shows we've been to, Easy.
  7. Oh Land
    Simply incredible talent and engaging surprises throughout.
  8. Chvrches
    *Warning: this show contains flashing lights that may affect those susceptible to seizures and other sensitivities.
  9. Tobias Jesso Jr.
    @lesleyann and I laughed our asses off and stalked cute hipsters. Carey the guitarist made me faint. #forearms
    Suggested by   @michael_circa91
  10. Fifth Harmony
    Before Worth It when their concerts were still GA and they (*coughManagementcough*) were still pushing the "we're just cute lil girls omg so innocent" image. I literally had to block a mother from hitting a child (not hers) because she was mad that her kid couldn't get closer. But eventually I got to the front and cried a lil bit (this is the worst picture I have taken at a 5H concert I'm mad, I have literally so many Pulitzer-worthy pics)
    Suggested by   @k8mcgarry
  11. Macklemore
    Made in America 2013. He was just okay. I really wanted that jersey tho
    Suggested by   @k8mcgarry
  12. Emeli Sandé
    Also Made in America 2013. She was a VISION I ALMOST DIED
    Suggested by   @k8mcgarry
  13. Nick Jonas
    Made in America 2015. This was specifically for my best friend who is a rabid JoBros fan and it was worth the 2 hour rib-crushing push to see her literally cry over him
    Suggested by   @k8mcgarry
  14. Alessia Cara
    I took this from about 4-5 rows back but eventually shuffled my way up to the front because I was by myself and everyone thought I was looking for my boyfriend lolol the best part was meeting her the next day in NYC and she remembered my face and asked if I had been at the Philly show the night before and I died
    Suggested by   @k8mcgarry
  15. Prince, May 11th, 2011 (the day before my birthday), at the Troubadour (if you're not an LA person, Google it. It's a historic venue in West Hollywood).
    Tickets went on sale that day after a last minute tweet announcing the surprise show. My then boyfriend snatched a pair and we were the first people through the doors, standing against the stage. He played almost entirely new and/or unreleased material, and then played his cover of "A Case of You," which is my favorite song of all time (thanks, Joni Mitchell!). I cried like a wee babe. No photos because security wouldn't let us have our phones out. Oh Prince, you eccentric purple sparkle fairy.
    Suggested by   @saytrumbo
  16. No Doubt.
    Excuse the Timehop pic, I just don't have the original in my phone. I have seen them countless times and they never cease to amaze. Tony had kind of a staring problem that day, but Gwen was on point. I took my little niece (her first concert) and I protected her from the crowd. She was blown away.
    Suggested by   @Veronique
  17. St. Paul and the Broken Bones
    It was like a bagiiillllion degrees outside but I was giddy the entire time. They. Were. So. Good.
    Suggested by   @brynelle
  18. Terraplane Sun
    I feel personally responsible for their success. Namely that Chili's commercial they did.
    Suggested by   @brynelle
  19. Jesse McCartney
    I friggin love Jesse McCartney.
    Suggested by   @brynelle
  20. Lewis Watson
    Does him playing in the audience count?? It's kind of a strange experience being this close to someone performing but I was into it 👏
    Suggested by   @alexim
  21. Arctic Monkeys
    Sadly this is a close as you can get at Leeds Festival 😢 so apologies for the bad photos. This was one of my favourite gigs ever - I cried at one point.
    Suggested by   @alexim
  22. Fitz and The Tantrums
    Not exactly front row but it was a pretty small venue so it felt similar...SO GOOD though.
    Suggested by   @mess