Barrier Junkies lists top releases for April 2015!
  1. + - by Mew
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    Best Tracks - Satellites, The Night Believer, Water Slides, Interview the Girls, and watch Witness here!
  2. The Magic Whip - Blur
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    Watch Lonesome Street here!
  3. Sound & Color - Alabama Shakes
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    Listen to Future People here!
  4. Undertow - Drenge
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    Listen to Favourite Son here!
  5. Strange Trails - Lord Huron
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    Listen to Hurricane (Johnnie's Theme) here!
  6. Untethered Moon - Built To Spill
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    Listen to All Our Songs here!
  7. Ivy Tripp - Waxahatchee
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    Watch Waxahatchee perform Poison live at WFUV Public Radio here!
  8. Jackrabbit - San Fermin
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    Listen to Philosopher here!
  9. Odessa - Odessa
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    Watch Odessa perform Love Alone for Daytrotter here!
  10. Other Notable Releases:
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    What's Real - Waters // Edge of the Sun - Calexico // Sirens - The Weepies // Cherry Bomb - Tyler, The Creator // Glitterbug - The Wombats // New Glow - Matt and Kim // Kindred - Passion Pit