Barrier Junkies lists top releases for July 2015!
  1. Currents - Tame Impala
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    Best Songs: Let It Happen, 'Cause I'm A Man, The Less I Know The Better, Eventually and listen to Love/Paranoia here!
  2. Communion - Years & Years
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    Watch Take Shelter here!
  3. Born In The Echoes - The Chemical Brothers
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  4. How Does It Feel - MS MR
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    Listen to Cruel here!
  5. Momentary Masters - Albert Hammond Jr.
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    Listen to Coming to Getcha here!
  6. Psychic Reader - Bad Bad Hats
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    Listen to Psychic Reader here!
  7. Star Wars - Wilco
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    Listen to Cold Slope here!
  8. White Reaper Does It Again - White Reaper
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    Watch Pills here!
  9. St. Catherine - Ducktails
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    Watch Surreal Exposure here!
  10. Other Notable Releases:
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    The Most Lamentable Tragedy - Titus Andronicus // And The Wave Has Two Sides - On An On // Magnifique - Ratatat // Blood - Lianne La Havas // Marks To Prove It - The Maccabees // Story of an Immigrant - Civil Twilight // This Must Be The Place - Iron & Wine, Ben Bridwell // Nina Revisited: A Tribute - Ms. Lauryn Hill