Barrier Junkies lists the top releases for October 2015!
  1. V - Wavves
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    Best Songs: My Head Hurts, Way Too Much, All The Same, Heart Attack, and listen to Tarantula here!
  2. For The Company - Little May
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    Watch Seven Hours here!
  3. Pretend - Seinabo Sey
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    Listen to Easy here!
  4. If I Should Go Before You - City and Colour
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    Watch City and Colour perform Killing Time here!
  5. Sleep Through It - Wildhoney
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    Watch Seventeen here!
  6. All We Need - Raury
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    Listen to All We Need here!
  7. Wiped Out! - The Neighbourhood
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    Listen to The Beach here!
  8. II - Fuzz
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    Listen to New Flesh here!
  9. Daybreaker - Moon Taxiw
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    Watch Year Zero here!
  10. Other Notable Releases:
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    Return To The Moon - EL VY // Dopamine - BØRNS // Falsework - Young Galaxy // Revolve - John Newman