For when I prefer to spend more time dreading doing a thing than I would spend actually just doing the thing. The mental block is real.
  1. Thank you notes
    Okay... I feel terrible about this one, but since my childhood I've built it up to be the worst thing ever in my head.
  2. Cleaning out my car
    My house could have just been cleaned by Monica Geller and I still would rather needlessly re-scrub the kitchen floor than make the trip out to my car to throw away a handful of gum wrappers and empty water bottles.
  3. Seeing a doctor
    No no, I'm fine. If I just squint really hard, turn my head to the left, elevate my foot on my desk, and casually hang out within ten feet of the bathroom at all times it's like I don't even have a migraine.... and a broken leg... and the flu at all. I'm sure it will work itself out.
  4. Taking medicine
    See above.
  5. Showering
    Because who has time to dry their hair? Am I right?
  6. Pinning things on Pinterest
    It's a mini wedding dress on a puppy next to a quirky place setting with homemade lemon bars lit by a DIY candle and you want me to categorize?! Get out of here. That one extra button instead of just hitting the heart is too much to ask.
  7. Erasing shows off the DVR
    Because what if one of my friends isn't caught up on New Girl and I am unprepared? That's just socially irresponsible. Also, see extra buttons to push again.
  8. Removing makeup
    Day 2 residual makeup is a gift, and I am never one to turn away a gift no matter how much my skin hates me for it.
  9. Parallel parking
    I will always choose to drive around for half an hour or park super far away to avoid this one. I'm pretty sure I don't even know how to parallel park.
  10. Wearing my retainer
    The excitement of powering through a few painful days right before a dentist appointment is all part of the ongoing con game I have going with my Dentist. I can't give up now.