A ton of old white guys in a room deciding your life for you, what could go wrong.
  1. They don't care what you think.
    The first week of January, the Virginia general assembly designates one day for public comment. ONE. The week that everyone is coming back from the holidays.
  2. It's a haven for aging frat bros.
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    Sup brah?
  3. Chap Petersen is cool there.
  4. Fucking bow ties.
  5. Thursday night caucus.
  6. The Virginia General Assembly is the reason we still don't have Medicaid expansion.
  7. Without direct access to creating ballot initiatives, Virginians are stuck hoping these aging frat bros actually move the state forward.
  8. We didn't even vote for these dbags.
    Thanks to absurdly gerrymandered districts, 90% of Virginia's legislature was either uncontested or won by more than 10% in the last elections.