I guess you gotta write them down to hold yourself accountable
  1. Move out
    I need this for my own sanity and to maintain a healthy relationship with my parents, brothers, friends and boyfriend.
  2. Go to an Atlanta Hawks game
    Born and raised in Atlanta, now living here again, but I have never been to a Hawks game. This needs to change.
  3. Lower resting heart rate below 60 bps
    This is a weird way of saying I want to become more active, well and fit. Let's see if I can lower my resting heart rate.
  4. Actually kinda maybe use a budget
    Part of moving out will mean increased expenses and I need to do a better job of not spending money. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Tailgate more
    Do it just because it's fun and you can.
  6. Buy a kayak
    I've wanted to do this forever, but now seems like a good year to finally get started. Might not play into the "save money" resolution, but it would increase my fitness and activity.