Week 6 of the 2016 college football season is in the book, here are a few teams who surprised me--for good or bad—this game week.
  1. Washington
    The Huskies are undefeated. Ok, that was expected. However, trouncing PAC 12-North teams 114-27 in back-to-back weeks was a shout to all the doubters that they are ready to compete for a CFP spot.
  2. Rutgers
    I didn't think a Power-5 team could give up 79 points to an opponent, but Rutgers did. Wow. I guess the Big Ten just wanted an extra bye week for their teams.
  3. Kansas State
    I was very skeptical of Kansas State. They had a 2-2 record and has put up 127 points in four games, but 98 of those points were against cupcakes. In their 44-38 win at Texas Tech, they showed the D is as good as we assumed, but their offense showed a great propensity to score. The caveat to this: Texas Tech doesn't play defense well at all.