I'm going to Morgantown, WV, this weekend for a WVU game.
  1. Work on Monday Extra hours, too cause I have to make up for missing Friday.
  2. Boyfriend date night
    OK, so this isn't an annoyance, but it's on the calendar
  3. Coaching basketball practice in Tuesday
    I don't want to talk about how mad I am I was forced into this.
  4. Podcast recording on Tuesday
  5. Podcast editing on Tuesday
  6. USA v Costa Rica match in Tuesday
    Final round of World Cup Qualifying
  7. More extra-hours work on Wednesday
  8. Quick shopping to make sure I have gloves and thermals for the weekend
    Gotta get them touch screen gloves
  9. Packing for this weekend, all of Thanksgiving week and for the next weekend
    At least I'll be in an RV
  10. 11-hour trip up to Morgantown with my family