back story: two years ago, when she was nine, my daughter had a stroke that left her with paralysis on one side of her body. She's recovered now (not full). We don't know what caused it.
  1. I have two other kids. Are you not interested in them?
  2. Oh, this isn't simple small talk. You want to know about the stroke.
  3. My daughter's life isn't some sort of freak show story here for your entertainment!
  4. Settle down Dale. This person just cares about you and is trying to show it.
  5. Man, that was a TERRIBLE time for our family. Now I have to think about it again.
  6. Have I really healed from this trauma?
  7. Hmm, How IS my daughter? She's almost 12. Is she coping with her disabilities?
  8. Oh god, what is her future going to be like. Will this be a problem in MS, HS, college, etc.
  9. Should we be pushing her to do more therapy?
  10. Crap! Did we fail her by not finding the right therapists?
  11. Is this it? Has she stopped improving?
  12. Oh no, I don't know 'how she is doing' !!
  13. Shoot, this person is still here waiting for an answer. I wonder if they even know my daughter's name?
  14. I bet they don't know her name! Just another @&+!-ing grief lamprey!
  15. Isn't there a show on Lifetime that you can watch to get your sad story fix?
  16. Or do you like being able to retell our situation?
  17. We're just like like some old paperback romance novel you trade with friends? Aren't we?
  18. This is OUR story. You didn't earn it!
  19. And you've already asked me this question. Multiple times!
  20. As a matter of fact, you ask me this EVERY damn time you see me!
  21. $#!+, This person is still waiting for my response.
  22. Time to answer. "Oh, she's doing fine. Thanks for asking."