Albums that changed my life

in no particular order, except for Mitski
  1. Bury Me At Makeout Creek - Mitski
    I've never related to an album more. Her lyrics about love hit me at the core and her sound echoes through my skin. I love her. New album in June!!
  2. Her OST - Arcade Fire & Various Artists
    Instrumental music that makes you cry like no other, whether you've seen the movie or not (which you should).
  3. Lemonade - Beyonce
    I may not be able to personally relate to the overall topic, but her anger, depth of her love, and self love is something extremely relatable. Lotta bangers too.
  4. Beach Music - Alex G
    I loved DSU and Trick, but it wasn't until Beach Music that I really started to appreciate his sound. My favorite album to listen to when I'm contented.
  5. Demon Days - Gorillaz
    I can still sing almost everyone song memorized.
  6. Contra - Vampire Weekend
    Giving Up the Gun lyrics are tattooed on my body if that gives any explanation to it's importance to me.
  7. Still Water - Told Slant
    Broken Hearted? In a bitter love? Trans and experience dysphoria frequently? I've never heard anyone sing about the trans experience like Felix does and it changed my life.
  8. Oh No - OK Go
    OK Go will always be a band I enjoy, and it all started in middle school with Oh No and the treadmill video.
  9. Visiter - The Dodos
    Was shown them by my future significant other in high school. Was one of the first albums where I started to care about what I listened to. Very nostalgic.