lessons learned during my freshman year of college

  1. Being away from family is scarier than you expect but also more rewarding
  2. Grades are important, but not getting a 4.0 won't kill you
  3. God created humans for community. One of His sweetest gifts is a community that revolves around Him
  4. Chocolate covered pretzels are the bomb.com forever and always
  5. Don't take a babysitting job if you don't know much about the kids
  6. Do hard things... Even if it's awkward and uncomfortable, God is with you
  7. Sit next to cute boys in boring lectures so you don't die from boredom
  8. Church becomes more of a joy rather than a chore when you're on your own
  9. Having a roommate that is your best friend is one of the best things in the world
  10. Actions speak louder than words. Look at a person's actions rather than just believing their words
  11. Don't talk about the future with someone as a way of getting a false sense of security
  12. Give grace and forgiveness like it's going out of style...to others and to yourself.
  13. When everything falls apart, trust that God will rebuild it to be better than it was before.
  14. If you don't intentionally make time to spend time in God's Word and prayer, you won't keep a close relationship with Him
  15. Pizookies are basically a gift from God
  16. There is no such thing as too many trips to Target
  17. Mama will always be your best friend and your biggest prayer warrior
  18. Handstands are the best stress reliever
  19. Pay attention to parking signs! Paying for multiple tickets AND the cost of your car getting towed is not very fun
  20. Time heals wounds and brings peace
  21. God has great things planned for you. Better than you can ask or imagine. Be content in the season you're in.