1. Beginning to Blue by: Still Corners
  2. On Melancholy Hill by: Gorillaz
    The slower version that I heard from The Vampire Diaries is freakin' awesome!
  3. Foreign Coast by: Alfred Hall
  4. Someplace Beautiful by: Alfred Hall
  5. Across the Ocean by: Azure Ray
  6. Blue Moon by: Beck
  7. Count Me In by: Early Winters
  8. Home by: LCD Soundsystem
  9. Instant Crush by: Daft Punk
  10. Latch by: Disclosure
  11. Nightcall by: Kavinsky
  12. Octahate by: Ryn Weaver
  13. Open Season by: High highs
  14. Palo Alto by: Devonte Hynes
  15. Safe and Sound by: Capital Cities