Before I moved from NYC to Denver in August 2015, I revisited all of my favorite restaurants in the city, which are listed here.
  1. Streetbird Rotisserie
    Marcus Samuelson's chicken house on 116th Street go now go now go now
  2. Roberta's
    Twice I've eaten here on my birthday. The coolest and the best. If it's nice out sit on a picnic table in the back.
  3. Lupa
    Classic, delicious Italian and impeccable service.
  4. Red Rooster
    For years I ate here the night before my birthday and also every couple of months. Once the health inspector showed up while I was sitting at the bar for lunch and that caused a delay in the kitchen so the hostess passed out free bubbly and it felt like a party.
  5. Root & Bone
    Order the fried chicken and the meatloaf and the deviled egg's which are pink and also order everything else.
  6. Mission Chinese
    The coolest and the best. The kind of spicy you feel on your insides.
  7. Charlie Bird
    They do everything well here.
  8. Gotham West Market
    Ivan Ramen, the Cannibal, the tapas place, Genuine Roadside if you're there for breakfast, plus excellent coffee and beer to go
  9. Blenheim
    For brunch or dinner or afternoon drinks on comfy chairs in a beautiful, elegant space in the West Village.
  10. Blue Smoke
    One of my first favorite restaurants in NYC and still the best BBQ - don't let the trend pieces fool you.
  11. the original Westville
  12. Danji
    Not quite as amazing as the first eight times I ate there but still good, good food.
  13. Jerusalem on 105th & Broadway
    I probably ordered the falafel hummus sandwich like 150 times.