1. My dog
    She caught the live show and I like to think she was very impressed that I got the winning shot on the first take because we're best friends and that's the kind of positive thinking best friends contribute to situations like these.
  2. My sister
    I texted it to her asking her if it was just the right amount of sexy, cute, filtered, goddess vibes, goals, etc. She approved.
  3. My beloved
    The intended recipient. He also approved.
  4. My stepsister
    She asked me if she could take selfies on my phone at her 13th birthday party. I agreed without a second thought and consequently taught her everything she never knew about taking selfies.
  5. My coworker
    I was teaching her how to upload a photo on Facebook forgetting that when you upload a photo on Facebook, all of your recent photos are conveniently displayed across your screen for easy selection. We didn't speak about it.