1. I could donate to a non-profit or that Kickstarter campaign by a kid from my high school.
  2. I could buy myself a Sofritas bowl at Chipotle and a kids meal for the homeless guy who always sits outside of Chipotle. I could get guac with both.
  3. I could buy three boxes of Thin Mints and support my local mini businesswoman badass.
  4. I could start paying my dad back for the hundreds of dollars he has contributed to my college textbook fund.
  5. I could get a haircut with a much needed bang trim.
  6. I could buy Starbucks for myself and an old friend and the person standing in line behind us.
  7. I could bring home two giant treats for the pups and be the best mom ever.
  8. I could fill up the Prius so I can continue driving to work so I can continue funneling money to my college for ridiculous expenses such as $15 parking citations.