This is a list based on my personal female experience working in a male dominated industry for three years.
  1. PRO: Novelty
    A lot of time at work I feel like the authority on what females think, feel, and do. I try to use this unique platform in a way that opens the minds of my male coworkers and makes them more aware of subtle sexist undertones and antifeminist ideals in their language and lives.
  2. CON: Sexual harassment
    It's very real and very prevalent. I once had a coworker walk up to me unannounced and show me a picture of his genitals and reporting it to my male superiors was almost as traumatizing as seeing the photo.
  3. PRO: Solidarity
    Because there are so few females, we tend to stick together.
  4. CON: Pressure
    It's not uncommon for most of the males I work with to have an opinion about what I and every female who walks in is wearing, eating, and doing.
  5. PRO: You toughen up
    My job has been a huge part of my confidence evolution. I no longer allow people (especially the males I work with) to make me feel silly for the things I like. See: When You Love Yourself,
  6. CON: You work harder for respect
    In the industry I work in, females are typically viewed as support staff so getting ahead can be tough.
  7. PRO: Support
    It's common for my male coworkers to jump in whenever a customer gets angry with me. While I am completely capable of handling myself in situations like these, it's comforting to know that whenever I need a mental break, they have my back.
  8. CON: Sexist expectations
    It's also common for some of the males I work with to express legitimate anger when a new female is hired and she's not conventionally beautiful/tall/proportioned/all of the above. I've also been exposed to several underhanded comments implying that female coworkers should be the ones to clean the disgusting break room sink when it's dirty.
  9. PRO: Spotless bathrooms
    I share three bathroom stalls with just three other women at work and it is glorious.
  10. CON: Details
    There are no trash cans in the bathroom stalls and the uniforms only come in men sizes.
  11. PRO: You stick out
    While it can be annoying to stick out like a high-heeled sore thumb in a business meeting full of men, it sometimes pays to be the face everyone remembers.
  12. CON: Mansplaining
    I am constantly hearing things like, "What you need to understand about this job is..." which means I am constantly sarcastically repeating, "You know, I've actually done [insert job responsibility here] before."