1. Only drink Starbucks when someone asks if you want to go to Starbucks with them.
    Let Starbucks rock your world in moderation.
  2. Be the millennial who writes thank-you notes.
    It matters.
  3. Say good morning in the morning.
    People need this.
  4. Have yourself a cup of tea every day.
    Several if desired.
  5. Take care of your skin.
    Exfoliate, moisturize, massage, protect.
  6. Drink juice on Mondays.
    Start your week on a healthy note.
  7. Unfollow every time you see something that makes you unhappy.
    Aunts, uncles, in-laws, coworkers, classmates.
  8. Make your bed.
    Just do this. Trust.
  9. No new clothes.
    Buy secondhand when you can.
  10. No plastic bags.
    Commit to this very doable thing that has such a big impact on our planet.
  11. Take the stairs.
    Run them just because.
  12. Write it all down.
    Make a list, jot a thought, scribble reminders.
  13. Be kind.
    To strangers, to new people, to yourself.
  14. Do you.
    Figuratively and oh so literally.