1. Somehow become okay with all of my social media handles matching except for my Twitter handle.
    Why do bad things happen to good people?
  2. Learn Twitter.
    It's time.
  3. Use Tumblr for something other than watching porn.
  4. Stop obsessing about being a perfect videographer on Snapchat.
    I need to either stop obsessing or continue to talk myself out of every story I craft.
  5. Share my first Instagram story.
    Again, with the obsessing.
  6. Clean my Pinterest of all the pins I saved when I was 19 and apparently basic af.
    I'm no longer interested in that bottle cap coffee table. Go figure. (See: Something I Can't Face)
  7. Commit to taking a photo for my Snapchat ghost.
    I never remember to do this.
  8. Finally review the last eight places I've checked into on Yelp.
    Yes, I'm still on Yelp.
  9. Respond to the help team at Periscope about the error message I get when I try to change my profile picture.
    I've never even been live before but somehow this matters.
  10. Connect with the coworkers I've been avoiding on LinkedIn.
    Every. Single. One.
  11. Purge some of the forever skipped nonsense on my Apple Music.
    This isn't technically social but it needs to be done.
  12. Organize the thousands of photos in my iPhone into albums.
    See above.
  13. Publish this list.