The good, the bad, the crazy.
  1. How do hose nozzles that control the flow of water even work?
    Seriously, does anyone know?
  2. Desserts should only ever be cold.
  3. The way I feel about the talking dolphin on Family Guy must be the way people feel when they talk about having spirit animals.
  4. I wonder what the way you store your pasta says about you.
    I keep it in a tall glass container on the counter, FYI.
  5. Roses have no problem calling other roses roses.
    You might think you know where I was going with this but I assure you, you don't.
  6. Am I too obsessed with Congo gorillas?
    Answer: I am just the right amount of obsessed with Congo gorillas.
  7. The key to happiness must be to just embrace everything.
  8. Are we really exploring all of the possibilities with celery?
    I just feel like we could be doing more with celery.