It started with my decision to dropout of college. (See: How They Reacted When I Told Them I'm Dropping Out of College) Then I pulled a muscle in my leg that led me to take my first break from running in three years. My hyper-regimented life just sort of fell out of order for a bit after that. When I look back on this time, I hope I remember that:
  1. I got promoted.
    If you're promoted mid-spiral, how bad can things really be? This is a sentiment I repeated to myself many times throughout the spiral.
  2. Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy Ice Cream arrived at my local grocery store.
    I ate a pint of each flavor over the course of the spiral and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I didn't count a single calorie and I barely cared that each pint was consumed well after midnight. #spirallife
  3. Most nights I stayed up way too late.
    One night I didn't come home from hanging out with my friends until after 3AM. Another night I fell asleep on the couch and woke up around 6AM before finally making my way to bed. Both nights were spectacular and they would have never happened without the spiral.
  4. Most days I slept in way too late.
    I actually stretched before getting up. I cuddled with my boyfriend and my dogs. I processed the fact that I needed to get up before actually getting up... or not getting up.
  5. I had a heart-to-heart with my mom.
    I just went for it.
  6. I drank coffee like a normal person.
    In other words, I drank coffee every single day for a week and it was as addicting and magical as everyone says it is.
  7. I went to a political rally.
    I was incredibly uncomfortable with the crowds and overt displays of personal political leanings but it was a good thing.
  8. I got a sunburn.
    Except this time, I didn't beat myself up about it.
  9. I didn't return my library books on time.
    See above.
  10. I didn't say no when I was offered a margarita at game night.
    Pre-spiral, weeknight alcohol was unexplored territory.
  11. I stayed in pajamas all day.
  12. One night I slept in jeans.
    This is peak spiral behavior.
  13. I ate festival food.
    Greasy, sugary goodness on a stick.
  14. I listened to songs that made me cry on purpose.
    I needed it.
  15. I lived.