If I Could Live Forever, I would...

You know how you've always wanted to do something, but you don't have enough time to do it? This is my version of that.
  1. Turn every idea for a restaurant I've ever had into a reality.
    My most recent idea is a sushi place called "Want Some Sushi?" So that they'll answer the phone by saying, "Moshi moshi, want some sushi?"
  2. Read all the Star Wars books
    You know how many of those there are? It's insane! And some of them take place 1,000 years before Luke was even born! Crazy!
  3. Dig a hole to China (or some other place that's under my backyard
    This way, of I'd ever wanted some authentic Chinese food, I could literally jump to China. I will have to figure out the landing, though...
  4. Go to every country
    What country wouldn't want a man who can live forever to visit them????
  5. Eat stuff that I'm allergic to
    I mean, if I can live forever, then I won't need to worry about anaphylaxis, right?