Requested by Grace


This was requested by our favorite Drake-themed lister, @graceadilla. I have the pleasure of knowing Grace beyond this app, so I'm here to share some of the best things about knowing her in real life with you.
  1. Grandpa Sweater Thursday's.
    Grace, being the freaking rad chick that she is, has created her own Instagram series called "Grandpa Sweater Thursday's." In short, she takes cool pics of her friends wearing their finest grandpa sweaters and then posts it for the world to see. (I was featured last week so you should check it out on her insta: gracethomason) (I hope it's okay that I put that on here.)
  2. Spa Day Saturday's.
    Grace and I enjoyed a relaxing day full of mud masks and foot soaks this weekend. She didn't judge me when I had gunk all over my face, so I didn't judge her. We have a very healthy relationship.
  3. Her love for Guy Fieri.
    I don't know if you guys understand that she really loves him. Like, REALLY loves him. Grace loves the human form of a hotpocket and all of his dad shirts.
  4. Her knowledge of John Mayer and Coldplay.
    I have never met anyone that genuinely enjoys having a hour long convo about these two before I met Grace. It's a beautiful time.
  5. Wanna quote a vine you saw but afraid no one will get it? Grace will.
    She stays very up to date with Vine.
  6. A shared love of Talenti Gelato.
    Crack open a pint of Southern Butter Pecan and enjoy.
  7. Graceadilla.
    Y'all, she's one of the best. Her lists are bomb. She appreciates good music. She tells good jokes. Be her friend.