Even if you're the one who did the breaking up, you're allowed to cope. YOU DID WHAT YOU HAD TO DO. EAT THE ENTIRE PINT OF BUTTER PECAN ICE CREAM.
  1. Drink an entire gallon of Arnold Palmer.
    You know, I'm not the type to say things like "In the South we love three things: God, tea, and the SEC," but may I be struck dead if a good glass of Palmer (from Strouds preferably) doesn't put a little pep in your step.
  2. Plan a Girls Night
    Even if it doesn't actually happen, it's nice to know that your girlfriends also appreciate the idea of using Walmart-brand face masks.
  3. Listen to John Mayer's "Battle Studies"
    In reality, this one is fairly risky. One of two things could happen: (1) You begin to hear the sweet croons of Mr. Mayer and the product of his strategically placed words give you a sort of excitement for your future relationships. You feel better. Maybe we'll watch 80s movies together. Maybe we'll listen to the Violent Femmes. The possibilities are endless. Or (2) You hate the decision you just made to break up. "Don't say a word just come over and lie here with me." Frick, @john. Frick.
  4. Eat the bag of Laffy Taffy your mom bought you to give out as Halloween candy.
    Do kids even expect candy at Halloween anymore? I'm sure they want more "their generation" items like a rose gold iPhone 6 Plus. Eat the Laffy Taffy and eat all of it. Actually... don't eat the banana ones. Those are kind of gross. Get those outta there.
  5. Online shop.
    Again, risky. Treat yo self, but remember that you're a poor college student who has limited funds. How about this-- online shop from the clearance section ONLY.
  6. Continue to work on your How I Met Your Mother themed Spotify playlist.
    Full of Wilco and conveniently named "MacLaren's," this playlist gives you hope, no matter how lame that sounds. The Olive Theory, blue french horns, and super dates. These remind you of how excited you were about relationships when you were a sophomore in high school. Get back to that place.
  7. Remind yourself that things will work out.
    They always do.