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Menus offer too much choice. Get these things at these places.
  1. Mozy Café
    Cuban burrito with turkey, with some Louisiana hot sauce
  2. Karina's Taco Shop
    Asada Torta and a half liter bottle of Coke
  1. A really good espresso
    Following a nap in the sun. Tiny coffee and a glass of water makes me instantly as classy as a Parisian poet
  2. Coming home to no accidents in the house made by your pup.
    Suggested by   @catb
  3. Tiny coffee with a tiny friend
    "Daddy, why is it getting cold?"
The ones that still sound great and are impossible to overplay!
  1. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
  2. The Beatles - Abby Road
  3. The Seahorses - Do It Yourself
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