These are the announced albums coming out in Jan/Feb/Mar that intrigue me the most.
  1. Animal Collective - Painting With (Feb 19)
    Always worth paying attention when they release an album.
  2. Hinds - Leave Me Alone (Jan 8)
    Debut album from the much hyped garage rock girl band from Madrid.
  3. Savages - Adore Life (Jan 22)
    London punk band's follow up to their 2013 breakout debut, an album that almost cracked my top 10.
  4. Wet - Don't You (Jan 29)
    One of the most anticipated debuts of the year. Perfect glimmering R&B pop from a band who could be huge.
  5. Chairlift - Moth (Jan 22)
    This is the album I'm expecting to elevate them into more mainstream stardom.