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  1. Beautiful Day. Gorgeous Views From The Summit
  2. That's all really cuz I had an accident while descending and had to be life-flghted out
  3. Stuff Happens. Next Time!
  1. 6-9 yrs
    school bus driver
  2. 10-15 yrs
    professional football player
  3. 16 yr
    professional athlete of any kind
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  1. Fire-roasted and ground into a powdery pile from the original whole being. Waterboarded mercilessly until some thimbleful of goodness is extracted for her utility and enjoyment.
  2. Leave me some goddam room, PLEASE!
  3. Never lukewarm
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The assignment: fill 12 SLOTS for a ND playlist, no more, no less, and take care to arrange them in a worthy manner. "IMPOSSIBLE," I said (to no one there). Yet, with a warm suffusing heartlight, delicate sensibilities and a never-quit determination, I got it right.
  1. 1. Cherry, Cherry
  2. 2. Jerusalem
  3. 3. Song Sung Blue
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It's been over one hundred years since Taft.
  1. 9.
    Not even funny
  2. 8.
    No. Need more commitment
  3. 7.
    Un poco mejor
    (Granted, it's a tough list for you H)
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  1. My name is Dash... Dash Day
    Thanks. I like it too.
  2. My dad won a BIG golf tournament today
  3. And they said I'm adorable so
    It was a really good Day day.
  1. 42
    Bake 4 dozen. Eat 5. 'Resolve' to give some away tomorrow. Just 1 more. Sleep well.
  1. It is early morning on a nearly empty bus and I am standing
    gripping the horizontal aluminum rail just above my head with my right hand
  2. 15, maybe 20 unsupervised children get on at the next stop and they are loud
    which bothers me initially but eventually infects my disposition with their energetic whimsy
  3. I smile
    i am smiling
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  1. untanned leather & store bought pepparkakors
  2. truffle & bacon muffin tops
  3. freshly cut grass & contempt
Thanks Brett. Keep it short n sweet so-to-speak. Not really, poor phrase choice, anyhow...
  1. I think the joy of discovering my penis for the first time.
    Life-changing discovery. I just knew we would get along swimmingly forever and ever and ever.