1. It is early morning on a nearly empty bus and I am standing
    gripping the horizontal aluminum rail just above my head with my right hand
  2. 15, maybe 20 unsupervised children get on at the next stop and they are loud
    which bothers me initially but eventually infects my disposition with their energetic whimsy
  3. I smile
    i am smiling
  4. One by one their attention is turning toward me, each one repeating only this same word in such a serious manner -
    "moths, moths, moths, moths, moths, moths..."
  5. The monotone cacophony is not in unison.
    i study their faces. Each one seems to over-execute the "th" followed by "zzzz" in the most unsettling fashion.
  6. Predictably, the vowel affords an opportunity for a single white moth to flutter out of their mouths each time
    so many small white moths are flying inside the bus now.
  7. I will most definitely get off at the next stop
    i can feel the eyes nudging me forward and out without malice. Not one moth exits with me. Not a one!
  8. The bus pulls away and I notice an old man seated on a bench
    it's chilly but he has no coat nor hat. His cane leans against the bench within his reach.
  9. On his lap, under his sleeveless forearms, is a closed action-hero lunch box. I can't determine which hero... possibly Superman but I'm not certain
    he's pinching a pbj sandwich on both sides readying for another bite. I am being ignored.
  10. A dollop of red jelly squeezes out the back plopping onto the lunch box
    I quickly turn away to face the street. I am standing, arms to my side.
  11. Every so often I'm glancing back at him
    the endless pbj
  12. I'm glancing back at him
    It's so quiet.
  13. I'm glancing back at him
    that red jelly is going to make a mess. A very sticky mess I'm sure of it.
  14. I'm glancing back at him
    does he know I'm here?
  15. I'm glancing back at him
    he's gone.
  16. It's getting dark. What am I waiting for? Where am I going? Where am I suppose to be?