(Inspired respectfully by reading @k8mcgarry and others). Incorrigible. Damaged. Dexteresque. Creepy. Wonderful. Love him or hate-him-but-yer-not-sure-why, the disturbing complexity demonstrated by one Kurt Von Trapp in THE SOUND OF MUSIC paints a menacing apprenticeship indeed. A few observations:
  1. The Age
    It's a tough age for him. Stuck in the middle. 3 siblings older, 3 younger. The movie does capture Kurt at the precise moment of his unabashed creepy Kurtness. Even he disavows his age. "Almost 11." Dammit Kurt you're in the latter stages of your 10th year. 10! Own it m'boy. It'll pass. Though, I imagine the character - in a prison cell some 30 years later - will yearn for those days long gone.
  2. The Note
    🎶Good-byyyyye🎶 Huh? Wtf was that? When those moments arrive in the movie, watch those around you. Even for those familiar with the movie, there's 2 seconds of confusion followed by awkward sympathy and full-on amusement. Of course they had another female sing that note (Darleen Carr)! Wonderfully weird cinematic choice.
  3. The Epicuriosity
    "I wonder what grass tastes like?" Wha-what??? How did Bear Grylls suddenly find his way into the movie? It's so strange. It's Kurt. Constantly hungry and anything'll do. If push comes to shove later in the Alps, Kurt survives, we all know that instinctively. "I ate my family and some grass with some fava beans and a nice chianti - was that wrong?"
  4. The Look
    You know the scene. Thunderstorm. All that are present are gathered in, or on, Maria's bed. Where's Kurt? Where the hell is that freak show? 🎶Doorbells and sleighbells and schnitzel with noodles🎶 SCHNITZEL WITH NOODLES? Slowly, slowly, from the foot of the bed, he rises. UNT DID SOMEONE SAY SCHNITZEL WITH NOODLES? Bam, there's that grin. Absolutely chilling. Dude, something's not right with you.
  5. The Frog
    Ok, granted, we are not told for sure who slipped the frog into Maria's pocket. C'mon. It had to be Kurt...slinking around the grounds on hands and knees foraging for edible vegetation... he's bound to bump into a frog or two.
  6. The Kiss
    Formally greet your new mom, Kurt. The boy's peck on the cheek quickly turns into awkward groping (we can't fully see his hands throughout). He slides behind her ear and suddenly lurches for tongue before Dad has to pull him away. HIS DAD HAD TO PULL HIM A-WAY. Enough said. It should've changed the movie's rating.