Requested by @BWN_7
  1. Sesame Street
    The happiest street in the world. No one's a stranger, the door's wide open, And what good things I find waiting inside, the smiles, the kindness, all troubles behind.
  2. Easy Street
    Someone else's house. Someone else's money. Someone else's pride. I ain't blind and I don't like what I think I see.
  3. Baker Street
    Light in my head and dead on my feet. Another crazy day...and another...and another.
  4. Street With No Name
    Just numbers: 92nd Ave. Our 1st house. Our 1st lawnmower. Our first everything. When I go there, I go there with you, it's all I could do. It's all I wanted to do.
  5. Kings Highway
    Good fortune comes our way and we ride down the Kings Highway
  6. Street of Dreams
    No one is poor as long as love is sure on the street of dreams. Kings don't mean a thing. Dreams broken in 2 can be made like new on the street of dreams.