1. "Don't hassle me with your sighs..."
  2. "Is love a 'now' kind of thing, Chuck, or is it mostly hope and memories?"
  3. "I don't look so bad after all! That's been my ambition... to not look so bad after all."
  4. "The only real way to look younger is not to be born so soon."
  5. "Sometimes I think I tore all the ligaments in my head."
  6. "No book on psychology could be any good if one could understand it!"
  7. "I'm no good at multiple choice... it's like giving a starving man a menu."
  8. "I know everything but the answers."
  9. "Subtraction? Oh, yes, ma'am, I can explain it. Subtraction is the awful feeling that you know less today than you did yesterday."
  10. "Fasten your seat belt, ma'am! Here I come again!"