A bee owns my room now

  1. Spotted Monday the 20th
  2. I slept elsewhere for a night
  3. Bee goes MIA for the rest of the week
  4. UNTIL
  5. Yesterday.
  6. I spotted it flying around
  7. Like it owned the place
  8. So, of course, I gave it some privacy
  9. "Sorry for intruding"
  10. Now, it does in fact own the place
  11. Though I haven't spotted it since
  12. Probably a second home for it
  13. Stupid rich bee
  14. Thinks it's better than me
  15. I'm sleeping in my bed tonight
  16. I'm afraid it will come and find me trespassing
  17. "Fee fi fo bzz..."
  18. "bzzbzzbzzzz I'm a bee"
  19. Prayers, plz
  20. But only at the end of your prayers
  21. Like as an afterthought
  22. There are people with real problems
  23. Sleep tight