apparently. not out of planning, it's just what I do.
  1. Go online
  2. Open a million tabs
    One for each item I find remotely interesting
  3. Think about the amazing possibilities that each item of clothing could bring me
  4. Close all the loser tabs
  5. Discern deeply on the final tabs
    Taking into consideration price, style, and how accurately I could predict its fit
  6. Place my order
  7. Receive package
  8. Try on everything
  9. Dislike almost everything
  10. Plan to return items
  11. Let clothes sit in packaging for about two weeks
  12. Reconsider initial judgment
  13. Dislike fewer things
  14. Wait another week
  15. Decide to wear one of the disliked items in spite of myself
  16. Embrace it as my own
  17. Never return anything
  18. Ever
  19. The end